Lynda Hanover should have celebrated reaching 60 years of age in 2011. Born 29th June 1951, she died in 1954 just two weeks after being diagnosed with leukaemia.

Lynda’s death caused great sadness among the family and now younger brother Steve feels it’s time Lynda’s life had a more positive legacy. For Steve creating the Life of Lynda Fund is both a tribute to Lynda and a way of making a difference to two worthwhile causes. Steve set out to raise £50,000 for the Cancer Research UK’s leukaemia research projects and The Salvation Army’s health care overseas.

A major focus of Steve’s efforts was through a cylce challenge. Covering nearly 900 miles of England and Scotland, Steve combined his musical abilities on the E-flat tenor horn with the physical exertions of cycling as he travelled between all members of Lynda’s family from 18 June - 3 July 2011, raising over £35,000. He has helped raise further funds with the help of many friends through a variety of events and activities. He has nearly reached his goal - but the need remains. Help us support these amazing causes. Contact us at

Lynda Hanover

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