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We are supporting research into childhood leukaemia: 

Cancer Research UK 

The Life of Lynda Fund is raising £25,000 for Cancer Research UK’s funding of research into leukaemia, a cancer of the white blood cells and bone marrow. Each day 20 people in the UK are diagnosed with leukaemia, which is the most common cancer in children and the tenth most common in men and in women.

The Life of Lynda Fund has so far donated £22,000 to Cancer Research UK’s leukaemia research.

Professor Alan Burnett is currently leading a trial to find new and better treatments for people with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).  The trial is called AML17 and is recruiting children and young people. 

The trial is testing a number of different combinations of chemotherapy drugs to find out which is better at controlling the disease and preventing it from coming back, and which causes the fewest side effects. 

For example, the researchers are testing the benefits of adding a new drug called Mylotarg to chemotherapy. Mylotarg is made up of a chemotherapy drug attached to a molecule called an antibody.  The antibody recognises the leukaemia cells and delivers the drug straight to those cells. The hope is that giving Mylotarg alongside other chemotherapy drugs will kill more cancer cells without increasing side effects. 

The results of the trial will show which of the different treatment combinations is most beneficial, and will help inform doctors of the best way to treat future patients with AML

For more information about disease, visit the CancerStats pages of the Cancer Research UK website here

HEALTH CARE in the developing world: 

The Salvation Army

The Life of Lynda Fund is raising £25,000 for The Salvation Army’s overseas health care which provides essential, professional and extensive health facilities in developing countries where a National Health Service does not exist and basic health services are too expensive for many people. 

The Life of Lynda Fund has so provided over £23,000 to a range of health projects run by The Salvation Army:

  • Benin Rehabilitation Centre for Physically Handicapped Children, Nigeria - funds for improvements to the centre including a changeover switch to change from grid electrics to a generator, new mattresses, repairs to beds and bedding 
  • Yangui Clinic  Republic of Congo - an electricity generator for a health centre and mother & baby clinic
  • Malawi - ten bush ambulances to transport people from remote rural areas to urban medical facilities
  • Papua New Guinea - support for the immunisation programme for 30 children
  • Sofa Health Centre, Ghana - water projectSofa is in an isolated rural area and provides outreach and vital health services to 16 villages
  • Maiani Salvation Army Dispensary (health clinic), Kenya
  • John Laing Clinic, Zambia
  • Cubatao, Brazil
  • Maiani Salvation Army Dispensary (health clinic), Kenya - building  a waiting revenue room, 2 consultation rooms, a small pharmacy, a small laboratory and maternal & child health room
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